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"Wanting a strategy and executing a strategy to vision success isn't easy"

We partner to move a leader into a CEO mindset that has vision and enhanced positive energy for a soul-level sense of fulfillment. We empower that vision by aligning business strategy, making a workforce culture feel connected and profitable, and getting back time to create life balance. Very few coaches succeed this holistically.

Fact: Most clients want a partner in their journey to new heights that has the experience, passion, effective tools, unique solutions, and supportive relationship to ensure their success. A partner who has their back and isn't in it for the money.


From the time Michael entered the US Naval Academy, he had opportunities to apply spiritual tools as an undercurrent in professional and personal settings throughout his many career endeavors. He has been a naval aviator, an airline pilot, a flight instructor, an investment advisor, a senior military headquarters director, a senior consultant for strategic capabilities and policy, a corporate innovation portfolio manager, a chief systems engineer, small-business strategist, and an avid surfer. In each of these professional and personal settings he used his intellect, leadership, and spiritual wisdom to manifest significant leadership achievements -- a direct result of this blended approach. What set him up for success in each career was a positive energy expectation more than any other skill or process - the mindset needed for today's quickly changing markets. Now he teaches managers the same leadership discipline and mindset through Core Energy Coaching.


As an executive business coach, besides the strategy applications, he arms management to have the same elevated emotional, intuitive, and logical mindset which dramatically up-shifts skilled business leaders to become supernatural leaders creating an energized workforce empowered to handle the uncertainty of a post-2020 world.

- Michael Sipe

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In this poignant and entertaining how-to guide, bestselling author and business vitality coach, Michael Sipe, explores the impact that his Great Depression/World War II Hero Generation father wielded on his life for far too long. His father was obsessively controlling, had a deep fear of scarcity, and was motivated by an unrelenting drive. As a result, Michael's true life and career desires were suppressed for many, many years until he discovered how to break out.

Michael will teach you how to shift quickly and wisely into your true calling. You will learn how to use spiritual tools and best practices -- implemented by millions, yet simplified for today’s aspiring leaders.