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​Business Vitality Catalyst

Hi! I'm Michael Sipe and I am known as a Business Vitality Catalyst.


I help visionary executives struggling with a fractured, over-tasked, dispassionate workforce create their own culture where revenue per employee increases by 20% so that their employees accomplish business goals with enthusiasm in a fraction of the time.


The reason why I do this work is I KNOW that when caring leaders become more deeply connected spiritually and express Universal Love, 3 important things happen with their business:

- employees, customers, and investors feel valued and connected

- productivity and innovation jump immensely

- work, life, and fun become balanced.

I have a simple premise unheard in today's growing distrust and dissatisfaction with government and institutions where fighting and will-power seem the norm.

    When people in the workforce feel valued, they respond with their full potential creating a dynamic, engaged, and creative workforce ready to meet the biggest challenges an organization may face, and in the end, SUCCEED!


Whether you are in a corporation providing products and services to customers OR in government serving the people OR in the military protecting people, you have a business.

    According to a recent Pew Research Study, 75% of the public consider themselves spiritual. The term spiritual is both broad and deep in meaning and usage. One isn't necessarily religious anymore. Ultimately, these people are looking for CONNECTION to the intangible. I've spent over 30 years integrating the vast landscape of spirituality into my diverse professional life and now I share that wisdom with leaders in a way that helps their people feel connected to the business they are supporting in meaningful and noticeable ways. I guide you SO THAT, as a leader, your business has created a living culture of teamwork, compassion, enthusiasm, can-do attitudes, and over-whelming sense of purpose and inclusiveness -- in the best of times and in the worst of times. 


Where a job and co-workers become home and family


From the time I entered the US Naval Academy I have had opportunities to apply what I knew spiritually in professional and personal settings. These settings were places where I chose to be and manifested in my life with success. I am or have been a naval aviator, an airline pilot, a husband, a father, a flight instructor, an investment advisor, a senior director at a military headquarters, a consultant for strategic capabilities and policy to the Department of Defense, a corporate innovation portfolio manager, and a systems engineer. I am driven by my spiritual connections to the Universe (or Divine) to enhance emotional intelligence, intuition, and logic to make the world a better place for us all.

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