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​Business Vitality Catalyst

Hi! I'm Michael Sipe and I am known as a Business Vitality Catalyst.


I help visionary executives struggling with a fractured, over-tasked, dispassionate workforce create their own culture where revenue per employee increases by 20% so that their employees accomplish business goals with enthusiasm in a fraction of the time.


The reason why I do this work is I KNOW that when caring leaders become more deeply connected spiritually and express Universal Love, 3 important things happen with their business:

- employees, customers, and investors feel valued and connected

- productivity and innovation jump immensely

- work, life, and fun become balanced.



From the time I entered the US Naval Academy I have had opportunities to apply what I knew spiritually in professional and personal settings. These settings were places where I chose to be and manifested in my life with success. I am or have been a naval aviator, an airline pilot, a husband, a father, a flight instructor, an investment advisor, a senior director at a military headquarters, a consultant for strategic capabilities and policy to the Department of Defense, a corporate innovation portfolio manager, and a systems engineer. I am driven by my spiritual connections to the Universe (or Divine) to enhance emotional intelligence, intuition, and logic to make the world a better place for us all.

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